• Vegetarian

      Lunch | 11 Dinner | 14

    • Pad Thai Jae

      Vegetarian version of our Traditional Pad-Thai noodles. (Egg optional).

    • Green Curry Jae**

      Mixed fresh vegetables and tofu cooked in traditional style green curry sauce with fresh basil leaves.

    • Vegetable Fried Rice

      An array of colorful vegetables stir-fried with Chef’s special fried rice. (Egg optional).

    • Pad Pak Jae

      Sauteed mixed vegetables, mushrooms and tofu in light garlic sauce.

    • Spicy Eggplant**

      Fresh eggplant stir-fried in black bean sauce with hot chili, garlic and fresh basil.

    • Kapow Jae***

      Tofu, broccoli, mushrooms and onions sautéed in chili and garlic sauce with fresh basil.

    • Pad Pik King Jae*

      String beans, squash and tofu sautéed with lime leaves in red curry paste.

    • Box #7 Pad See Eaw

      (Chicken, Beef or Pork)